TiVo is keeping the Aereo dream alive.

You can once again receive over-the-air (OTA) broadcast network channels with DVR service.
Aereo harnessed the power and potential of OTA television with digital recording capability-without having to be a cable or satellite subscriber. Well, that experience is here in an even better way with TiVo.

Because of the Supreme Court’s Aereo ruling last year, OTA television won’t be delivered in the exact
way Aereo had pioneered. However, TiVo shares Aereo’s disruptive spirit and is committed to viewers
who want to save money and still get a great entertainment experience, without having to pay a cable
or satellite bill.

Introducing TiVo BOLT, a slick, intuitive device that combines the best way to receive and record OTA signals while integrating popular streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime. Better yet, TiVo BOLT includes innovative new features that'll blow your mind. SkipMode lets you jump past commercial
breaks with a single click, while QuickMode lets you watch recorded shows 30% faster with pitch-perfect audio. TiVo BOLT is also compatible with 4K UHD TVs for picture resolution like you've never seen. These innovations are a major improvement over the Aereo service, which did not integrate over-the-air and streaming service viewing experiences. With TiVo BOLT, you can easily find and watch your favorite shows, no matter where they may be found.

TiVo BOLT has received rave reviews across the Internet. Digital Trends stated "Matching 4K UHD with supreme home theater control, the BOLT is TiVo's best box ever." And David Pogue from Yahoo! Tech called it "A hub for the while universe of video."

I encourage you to visit to learn more. And thank you for helping us keep the Aereo dream alive.